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London Secure Solution is an equal opportunities employer, our equal opportunities and recruitment and selection policies are available for you to read.

We are continually seeking new security operators to join our team of highly trained and experienced professionals, for operations in London and nationally.

Due to the nature of our clients and security operations, we have a strict candidate and recruitment practise. A vast majority of our operators come from a former military or police background. This is simply because of the skill set, training and experience they possess.

However if you have an exemplary career within the security industry and are able to demonstrate this with a minimum 5 year verifiable history, then we would like to hear from you.

Please note London Secure Solution employs a stringent vetting process. Any candidates found to be misleading or falsifying evidence, references or work history will be immediately struck off from our database.

For all employment opportunities, please complete the form below and submit. Once received, if you meet our requirements one of our recruitment managers will contact you.