London Secure Solution LTD is a UK-based industry leader in the supply of professional SIA licenced security personnel, providing Static Site Guarding & Mobile Patrol Services, Door Supervisors and Close Protection Services.

The Company’s primary business objective is its commitment to achieving measurable excellence in quality and service. The Company believes that only excellent service provision, combined with a consistently high standard of customer, consumer and key stakeholder attention achieved through the management team’s commitment to the following principles can secure a long term and profitable future.

  • Continual Improvement.
  • Pro-Active Provision and Management of Resources.
  • Focus On Customers.
  • Consumers and Their Satisfaction.
  • Focus On All Other Stakeholders, (Including The Wider Public).
  • The Best All-Round Communications.

To achieve this objective, The Company has established and maintains effective business, management and administration systems. This approach is designed to ensure compliance with all relevant customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. The Company’s Policies, supporting processes, customer requirements and requirements relating to all other stakeholders are communicated in the appropriate ways to Company staff and otherwise retained representatives.

The documented business management / quality system (where practicable, presented in a charted / graphic form) describes how the system is operated. Adherence to these procedures by all The Company’s Staff and Security Operators and relevant representatives is a mandatory requirement. This ensures that The Company’s business/quality objectives are determined and that means are put in place to enable their achievement. Means of monitoring, measuring and analysis of our progress towards achieving the objectives are also determined and implemented. This means that we obtain the necessary feedback so that we can and do review progress and make changes or refine our objectives and the system, as necessary, to ensure it continues to be useful and meaningful.

The processes required for The Company’s day-to-day effectiveness, efficiency and continual improvement in the way that it does things are identified. The Company’s performance in carrying out these processes along with the performance of the output from these processes, are reviewed periodically by top management and the results of this review recorded.

The Quality Manager is directly responsible to The Managing Director and is the appointed management representative delegated with his full support and authority to develop, maintain and ensure the continual improvement of The Company’s systems.

The Quality Manager has the necessary freedom to identify all relevant problems and to recommend, initiate and provide solutions. He/she is responsible for periodic audits of the system in all relevant aspects, reporting the findings to The Managing Director.

All Staff and Security Operators are responsible for compliance with the requirements in this manual that relate specifically to his / her responsibilities and duties.